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Award-Winning Program

Patriot Perks is a collaborative program among several university and local entities. The program is the recipient of the 2022 Jack Wood Innovation Award for Town-Gown Relations, recognizing its effort to strengthen town-gown relations between the university and the community. Through the program, local businesses connect with the Mason community by offering exclusive discounts through the program. If you would like to inquire about Patriot Perks, please contact:

Aliya Rinaldi
Associate Director of Marketing and Communications

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Fairfax City Connection

Fairfax City is home to business owners who love being here, from one of the area’s hottest architectural design firms to a record shop that’s now a heralded destination in the region. It is also home to George Mason University. Local businesses have many ways to connect residents and visitors throughout the year. Discover Fairfax City’s creative placemaking programs and participate in what makes our city great!