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If you are a local business and want to promote your business to George Mason students, faculty, staff, alumni, and retirees, sign up to offer Patriot Perks TODAY!

Let us help drive foot and online traffic to your business!  Just complete and submit the registration form.  Upon approval, we will list your business on this website and you will start reaching thousands of potential customers!

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Accept Mason Money

What is Mason Money?
Mason Money is a prepaid declining balance account accessed with the Mason ID or Mason Money Card.  Businesses who accept Mason Money are called Mason Merchants.

  • Mason Merchants capture approximately 2% of the total Mason Money deposits (on average $1.5 million per year).
  • Mason Money allows for budgeted spending.
  • By becoming a Mason Merchant, the door is open to over 38,000 potential customers.
  • Proudly display the Mason Money Accepted Here sign in your store window to attract customers!

What Are Some Advantages of Becoming a Mason Merchant?

  • Turn potential customers into regulars by increasing purchasing power.
    Reach the entire campus community – over 38,000 students, and 6,000 faculty/staff.
  • Benefit from a campus announcement about your business accepting Mason Money.
  • Opportunity for free advertising on social media when specials and discounts are offered.
  • Free placement of business logo and contact information on the and Mason Money App.
  • Monthly reimbursements via ACH.

If you are submitting a registration form to offer discounts and also have interest in accepting Mason Money, this registration form will allow you to do both.

If you are already offering a discount or only wish to accept Mason Money, please send an email to express your interest and someone will contact you.

Become a Sponsor

There are many opportunities to engage with Mason and expand the visibility of your business.  We would enjoy a discussion to explore your interests.  Please send an email to start the conversation or contact David Atkins, Executive Director of Business Partnerships and Licensing at 703-993-3402.